River burglary suspect identified with social media

County Sheriff’s investigators this week credited alert Facebook followers with identifying a suspect caught on a surveillance video while breaking into the Guerneville refuse transfer station two weeks ago.

The suspected burglar was identified as Sean Maddy, a 30-year-old Guerneville resident, whose photo was posted on the sheriff’s social media page on July 6.

“This is a suspected burglar who broke into the employee shack at the Guerneville dumps at about 3:30 a.m. this morning and ended up stealing some food out of their fridge,” said the sheriff’s Facebook post. “He clearly didn’t realize he would be caught in the act on surveillance video.”

Anyone who could identify the suspect was asked to call deputies at the Guerneville sheriff’s substation.

“After we made the post, people who knew him gave us a call and we arrested him shortly thereafter and booked him on one count of burglary,” said the sheriff’s office announcement.

“Excellent teamwork,” continued the announcement. “Glad we could all work together and hope this guy gets the help he needs to start making positive choices and be a productive member of society.”

–Frank Robertson